About Us

Andrew Einspruch, Billie Dean and Tamsin Dean Einspruch on location

Andrew Einspruch, Billie Dean and Tamsin Dean Einspruch on location.

Wild Pure Heart  is dedicated to bringing you vital, fresh, funny , caring screen content that will inspire, entertain, enlighten and inform.  We refuse to be blanded down, crass or violent.  It's not our thing.  And we know it's not yours.

Wild Pure Heart  offers the very best in quirky, creative and often life-changing storytelling.  We love telling stories across the platforms of books, film, TV, the web and live performance.

The role of the storyteller in our society is an important one, with its roots around campfires and hearths.  The storyteller takes his or her audience on a journey into new worlds, giving them new perceptions and understandings.  In ancient times, the storyteller was a teacher. Great storytellers make their audiences laugh and cry, stir their hearts and inspires them to reach deep into their soul to understand why they are here, and how they can live better lives.

At Wild Pure Heart , we are committed to social change, and to a world of deep peace for all species, through laughter, ancient and visionary wisdom – and the Story.

Our Team

Billie Dean

Wild - Billie Dean

A wild visionary writer, actor and director, Billie thinks outside the box and is deeply committed to making a difference .  Even if  it making someone think about something in a fresh new way -- or making them laugh at our current society.

Billie's background is journalism, photography, theatre (acting and playwriting) stand up, improv, and sketch comedy, writing children's books and TV, and making independent films.   With Andrew, she created the highly successful comedy duo David and Joanna, called "New Wave comedy at its best".  She played Tiny Tim in A Christmas Carol, and wrote and performed in The Reluctant Soul.  With Andrew she wrote for Network Nine's award-winning Hi-5, and also Cushion Kids.  She also had 10 children's books published.

Billie won an AFTI Award for Best Actress in Finding Joy, her 2003 first feature film, which she wrote, acted in, directed and co-produced.  Her other films include 7 Days with 7 Dog, This Sacred Earth and she is in post production on the web series Wisdom from the Paddock, and pre-production on the feature film The Farmer.

Billie also wrote a book about her animal work , the award -winning Secret Animal Business, pioneered The New Shamanism which she taught in her school Rainbow Fianna, and initiated the Deep Peace Movement for a world of Deep Peace for All Species.

As an artist, Billie is very curious about life and the Unseen and weaves this into her work.  Billie loves telling magical stories from the Otherworld of animals, nature and the fae, drawing  on her Celtic roots and studies.  Her interests  in philosophy and the non-physical realms give her stories their fresh appeal.   The Irish in her blood loves a good laugh, some impish giggles, and the freedom of renegade filmmaking, web TV and self-publishing.

Billie spent many decades wearing her other hat as an internationally renowned animal shaman, and she is a full mesa carrying medicine woman in the Andean tradition,  and walks the Celtic Bardic and Druid path as well.  She loves the mystery and magic of life and is passionate about the Otherworld of animals and nature, and sharing that with others.

Billie's work and vision won the 2012 Vegan of the Year Award for Outstanding Animal Rights and Rescue Organisation.  (She's said yes to caring for literally hundreds of animals!)  And in 2013, she won Outstanding Vegan Author of the Year for Secret Animal Business.

She is learning the banjo  and the bodhran - but seriously, you don't want her to play either for you-- just yet.

Tamsin Dean Einspruch

Pure - Tamsin Dean Einspruch

Pure of heart and mind, Tamsin writes, acts, films, edits, and is learning piano. She’s vegan and animal-loving, does all those things one does as a teenager, and is an invaluable member of our team both at home and in the company.

Tamsin is home-schooled, screen and You Tube savvy and a great storyteller.  At home she is known as the goat mother, as she raises all the poddy goat kids who come to us.  She has worked on all our films behind and in front of the camera, and also written ( and had published) a children's book with her dad called Flying Free.

Tamsin was awarded 2012 Vegan Youth of the Year for her passion for animals and a kinder world.

Andrew Einspruch

Heart - Andrew Einspruch

Heart -filled, gentle, caring and a very funny improv comic, Andrew writes, performs, edits and produces. He, too, is an animal-loving vegan. He plays guitar (not as well as he'd like), tends the animals (we have a lot),  and loves nothing better than an audience in whatever format. Just let him loose and he’ll write funny, meaningful stuff for all ages till the cows come home. And being vegan and cruelty -free, that means all the time.

Andrew is very involved in the screen industry being on the ScreenACT  Taskforce, and writing for Screen Hub.  He also shares the family organisation 2012 Vegan of the Year  Award for Outstanding  Animals Rights and Rescue.

Andrew's background is improv and sketch comedy and  journalism.  He's written over 100 children's books, wrote for SBS's RockWiz, and with Billie, wrote for Network Nine's Hi-5 and Cushion Kids.   With Billie he made independent films and docos and loves the renegade way of working with film, always forging cutting edge ways of distribution, fund-raising and other ways of living and working  outside mainstream.

Let's face it, who wants to be normal!