Time of the Drum

Time of the Drum meditation CD

Travel with Billie Dean and the music of Tribe World Ensemble to the Time of the Drum, a CD of meditations that take you into a world of ancient forests and caves, Native American elders, fairies and water spirits, magic rock pools and empowering unicorns. Meet your wild self and your animal friends as you bring your innate gift of telepathic animal communication to present day consciousness.

Use this meditation CD to relax and connect you to your deep memories of telepathy. Get your pen and paper ready to write down your messages from the animals and natural world around you.


  1. Introduction (3:23)
    Excerpt (35 seconds):
    [audio:http://www.wildpureheart.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/01_introduction.mp3|titles=Excerpt from the Introduction to Time of the Drum]
  2. Hyayno Ah (3:33)
    Excerpt (50 seconds):
    [audio:http://www.wildpureheart.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/02_hyayno_ah.mp3|titles=Excerpt of Hyayno Ah from Time of the Drum]
  3. Grandfather’s Meditation (15:37)
    In this meditation, Grandfather, one of Billie’s guides, helps you reconnect to your ancient gift of telepathy – the universal language of nature and animals. Set deep in the forest, Grandfather takes you back into the past, when you once had this gift and helps you bring it into the present.
    Excerpt (1:00):
    [audio:http://www.wildpureheart.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/03_grandfathers_meditation.mp3|titles=Excerpt from Grandfather's Meditation from Time of the Drum]
  4. Water Spirits and Magic Unicorn Meditation (10:21)
    Designed to wash away negativity and doubt and put you into the frame of mind to receive silent communication, Billie calls upon the water spirits and the magic of unicorn to heal and empower you.
    Excerpt (1:15):
    [audio:http://www.wildpureheart.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/04_water_spirits_and_magic_unicorn_meditation.mp3|titles=Excerpt from Water Spirits and Magic Unicorn Meditation from Time of the Drum]
  5. Forest Meditation with Shamanic Drumming Journey (14:27)
    In this last meditation, we travel to the forest where we meet a special animal who journeys with you on the beat of the drum.
    Excerpt (1:43):
    [audio:http://www.wildpureheart.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/05_forest_meditation_with_shamanic_drumming_journey.mp3|titles=Excerpt from Forest Meditation with Shamanic Drumming Journey from Time of the Drum]

What People Are Saying

'Billie's CD, Time of the Drum, provided me with a guiding light into the realm of animal communication. The track by Tribe is so beautiful, it assisted me to go deeper in preparation for the meditations. The meditations are very nurturing, inspiring and fun. With Billie's guidance I was easily able to visualise and receive the messages in each of the three meditations. I recommend this very special treat to yourself.'
- Belinda C, Canberra

“I looooove this CD”.
Susan Scott, Animal Healer