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Finding Joy Soundtrack Album CD Cover

"Wow!! Now, I'm a folkie, so I'm gonna be biased, but the soundtrack CD is GREAT! The celtic sets are really kick-butt, the celtic harp lovely, the world music rivetting, Merrilyn Simmons would have a recording contract in a heartbeat over here, your stuff is hilarious ('The House of GMO' is my favorite!), and I have to admit, knowing something of the movie's plot, I cry every time I hear 'Raffi's Song'!!"
-- Georgette from MA, USA

At every meet-the-filmmaker session we have done, someone asks for aFinding Joy soundtrack album. And it's no mystery why. The music in the film is, quite simply, some of the best folk music that Australia has to offer.


So we are thrilled to have been able to put together a soundtrack CD. Featuring the "Finding Joy" title track from Rick Grossman of the Hoodoo Gurus, the rollicking music of Katysha and Malumba, the haunting sounds of Tribe, some of the pieces that Peter and Joy perform in the movie, and much, much more, the album delivers over 1 1/4 hours of fabulous music (see the track list below).

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Finding Joy Soundtrack Album Track List

1. “Ash Plant” – Katyusha
2. “Humm-Man” – Tribe
3. “Little Bit of Everything” – Merrilyn Simmons
4. “Evening Star” – Malumba
5. “Raffi’s Song” – Billie Dean
6. “Bermagui Moon” – Richard Steele
7. “Finding Joy” – Rick Grossman
8. “Case of Your Love” – Andrew Einspruch
9. “Faeries Hornpipe” – Chrys King
10. “India/D” – Tribe
11. “House of GMO” – Andrew Einspruch and Billie Dean
12. “Far Away in Australia” – Gillespie Girls
13. “Gravel Walk/Tamlin Reel” -- Malumba
14. “Stuck in the Sixties Blues” – Andrew Einspruch
15. “Raffi’s Song (‘Ah’ Version)” – Hannah Gillespie
16. “Music at the Glen” – Chrys King
17. “Radiance” – Malumba
18. “Nature of Love” – Tribe
[audio:|titles=Excerpt from Nature of Love by Tribe World Ensemble]
19. “Blues Café” – Billie Dean and Andrew Einspruch
20. “Searching for the Spark” – Merrilyn Simmons
21. “Hole in the Sock Blues” – Billie Dean and Andrew Einspruch
22. “Spirit of the Tribe” – Tribe
23. “The Edge of the Green” – Malumba
24. “Raffi’s Song (Rock Version)” – Billie Dean