Mystic Hearts

Concept art for the feature film Mystic Hearts by Wild Pure Heart Productions

Concept art for the feature film Mystic Hearts

Mystic Hearts is a feature film we have in development. The film continues our work in animal advocacy through entertainment, and tells a touching, warm, mystical, uplifting story of a woman's journey to wholeness after the death of her beloved horse.

Writer/director Billie Dean says: "The film was triggered by my own grief over the loss of my beloved horse Sollie.  The year following was the most painful of my life, as even though he was with me in spirit, his physical absence  haunted me to the point of physical pain.  From my work as an animal shaman, I know a lot of people understand the kinship bonds you can have with animals, and how hard it is to lose them.  But Sollie didn't want me to grieve.  He wanted me to focus on the celebration of his life -- and he knew other horses were coming.

"When I wrote the first draft of the script, we had taken in a lot of rescue horses, but not the wild ones.  As an animal advocate, I am blasted daily with the cruel side of the animal industries, including the horse industry and the culling of the wild ones the Government currently labels as pests.  I don't believe anyone wants to see the truth as their entertainment on the screen.  It's too painful.  But they can take the truth through humour and romance.  And so the second and ensuing drafts were written to make Mystic Hearts a horse's message to the world, in a funny, warm-hearted, soulful way."

What We Want to Do

Billie's intention is to begin filmming Mystic Hearts as soon as possible, using the renegade filmmaker's path to make sure the horse's message isn't diluted.  As a director, she is determined for autumn colours to be part of the film, so we really appreciate audience support in making this film happen then (there's a Donate button to the right).And please sign up to our mailing list and join in the journey (a form for that is on the right as well).

Here at Wild Pure Heart Productions, we want to use our filmmaking, storytelling, and writing gifts to make a difference to animals everywhere.  We are passionate about Mystic Hearts and its potential to touch, enlighten, uplift, inspire, entertain and change the current horse paradigm.

Help Us Make Mystic Hearts

To help us bring Mystic Hearts to life, we are looking for sponsors, investors and patrons. Alternatively you could become a supporter by donating using the button on the right.  All donations of $10 or more will receive a credit at the end of the film.  Thank you so much.  We are grateful for your support of the arts and for our vision.

The writing of Mystic Hearts was supported by ArtsACT.