The Farmer

The Farmer(Sponsor one of the cow and sheep stars of The Farmer. Or use the button in the right-hand column to donate to the project.)

The Farmer is a feature film we have in development. It is about a fourth-generation farmer who one day finds he can no longer treat his animals as he always has, because the reincarnations of all the great philosophers have appeared in his herds.

It was inspired by our desire to provide a home for some 200 sheep and 35 cows destined for dinner plates, and provide them with a forever home.  The relationships we have formed with these lovely, gentle people provided us with a daily muse and lots of fun and photographs.

The film was selected by ScreenACT for development as part of its Low Budget Feature Pod initiative, one of only 10 projects chosen from dozens of submissions. We are thrilled to be working with Stephen Cleary, John L. Simpson, Vicki Sugars and others to create a compelling film that we think you're going to love.

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Help Us Make The Farmer

One way you can help us bring The Farmer into the world is by sponsoring one of the (cow or sheep) stars of the film. They do eat rather a lot of hay.  Details here.

Or, you could become a supporter by donating using the button on the right.  (Thank you so much.)

Otherwise, we are certainly looking for sponsors in other forms (like in-kind), investors and patrons. If that tweaks your interest, drop us a note, and we'll outline options for you.

Thank you again. We are grateful for your support of the arts and for our vision.
The Farmer


Poster concept art by Marisa Martin of EOR Media.