Sponsor a Star of The Farmer

The cow cast as "Buddha".

One the key features of our feature film The Farmer is the great cast of cows and sheep who play the reincarnated philosophers at the heart of this story. These key cast members are being drawn from our herd and flock of cows and sheep, who we rescued from a future on someone's dinner plate. Our commitment is to give these beautiful animals the chance to not only be part of our movie, but to live our their lives in peace and freedom.

Philosopher cattle enjoying hay

Philosopher cattle enjoying hay.

But we need your help. The care and feeding of these wonderful actors costs us thousands per year. You can help by sponsoring one of these animals to keep them in hay and happiness.

The sheep cast as "Rudolph Steiner".

Sponsor a Star of The Farmer

To support one of the stars of The Farmer, simply use the Paypal button below to set up a monthly contribution that will keep them fed and well. Please note that the funds go to our not-for-profit, The Billie Dean International Deep Peace Organisation.

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One-Off Heart Gift

Alternatively, you can use this Paypal button to make a one-off contribution to the Billie Dean International Deep Peace Organisation to help keep them in a lifestyle suitable to such acting talent:

On behalf of the animal cast of The Farmer, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.