Resources for Compassionate Change

Thanks to Rainbow Fianna graduate Kathryn Breakwell for putting together this list of resources for change.


So why should I be the change? Watch this and be inspired, it's easy to be the change, not just hope for it.  And as Osho says, "Change yourself, and you have already started to change the world.".


Make history:


With over 61million search results, let's Google it:


Training Wheels for co-creating change:

30-day checklist for compassionate living:

Oprah's 3-week Vegan Menu Plan:

Resolution to change:   (excellent site with tonnes of information, inspiration, and links to more resources!)


How your diet will change the world:


Artist's depiction of the human species superiority complex over the dominion of the earth.  Masters of evolution or destruction.....  Worthwhile 3mins watching this.


The World Peace Diet:


101 Reasons to Go Vegan: - this is an *excellent* presentation - make the time to become informed and watch this!


Helpful links for recipes and information:


Medical Advice on eating animals


Mad Cowboy - the truth of agribusiness and life on the ranch


Ethical Superannuation -


Cruelty Free Shopping - from food, gifts, cosmetics, personal, house, animal companion food etc!


Vegan shoes and clothing accessories


Youtube links for inspiration:

Philip Wollen - Animals should be off the menu debate:

Philip Wollen interview -   - Gary Yourofsky, thought-provoking speech.

No excuse for factory farming from the meat industry:

How is meat good for biodiversity:


The Dream:


One Hundred Thousand:


Kindness and Compassion:  (Maxine's Dash for Freedom)


UN says go Vegan:


Making the Connection:

"Most of our animal uses are transparently frivolous and cannot be described as involving any 'necessity.' For example, we kill billions of animals every year for food. It is certainly not necessary for us to eat animal flesh, dairy, eggs, or other animal products; indeed , the evidence is mounting that animal foods are detrimental to human health. Moreover, animal agriculture is an ecological disaster. The only justification that we have for using animals in this way is that we are accustomed to and enjoy the taste of meat and animal products." - Prof. Gary L. Francione


Vegetarian to Vegan:


Doco Films:

The Ghosts in our Machine

Meet your Meat:



Forks over Knives


Funny but revolutionary awakening to the sentience of Animals Web Series filming in March 2013:


Sentience of animals:

Elephant Tara, and best friend canine Bella:

Dog friend interacting with down syndrome child:

Karma's reunion with her baby (c/o The Gentle Barn sanctuary):

Maxine the Cow - Escape from Slaughter:

Bulls - Gentle Giants:


Articles on change rippling throughout the world:


Site for an abundance of links, resources and information (this is probably the grand poohbar of all sites as far as links for information goes!!)