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One of the primary reasons behind becoming vegan is because people want to prevent the exploitation of animals. This may result from the emotional attachment they have with animals. Other than saving animals from getting killed for food, veganism also proves to be good for the health and the planet.

When you transition to a vegan lifestyle, you want to expand your choices into your daily life as much as you can. One of the biggest dilemmas you might face is what to feed your companion animals at home. Can you feed them plant-based food as well? Is vegan food healthy for animals? You need to do your research before you start serving a dog or cat vegan food.


What ingredients are found in commercial dog and cat food today?


Pet food or commercial cat and dog food are specially made for domesticated animals. The food for animals is made keeping in mind their nutritional needs. This is why there are different dog foods for different breeds. That’s because every breed has specific nutritional needs.

The most common packaged foods available for dogs and cats is animal-based. Unfortunately, these foods mostly contain low-quality animal meal, byproducts, fillers, synthetic flavourings, preservatives, and colours. These ingredients are not good for an animal’s health. It is advised that you stop giving them low-quality animal food brands, and try to cook their food at home or find a higher-quality animal food brand.

To give you an idea of where to start, find vegan books to read. These books will tell you the kind of vegan food you should give to your pets. If you have to buy readymade pet foods then you can opt for biscuits. You can also check out this website to learn more about vegn dog food, and look for a vegan dog food recipe online.


What does science say on dogs and cats being vegan?


Vegan dog food


The biggest question that lies ahead is this: is vegan food good for a companion animal?

You see, dogs are omnivores and cats are carnivores, so this means that while dogs can survive on either, cats are obligate meat-eaters. However, you can find nutritionally adequate packaged food for both dogs and cats that is supplemented with all their essential nutrients. The question many people have is, is this natural for them? The questions we should then ask ourselves is…

  • What part of the domesticated dog and cat lives are natural these days?
  • Would dogs and cats ever eat animals like cows, pigs, fish, and chickens in the wild?
  • Is packaged animal-based food natural either?

If making your pet a vegan is the option you have chosen, then you need to make sure they meet their nutritional needs. You can learn about this matter from vegan books or by doing research online. Before you decide on anything, you should read some of these books. After all, the health of your pet should be the primary concern.

Both the animals should be fed properly formulated vegan food if that is what you have decided. Commercial animal food comprises of pigs, cows, chickens, oceanic animals, and animal byproducts, which aren’t what they would eat in the wild. But if you can feed them all the nutrients following a vegan diet then it’s going to be healthy for them as well as the environment. Not just that but it also reduces harm to other animals, and you will be avoiding killing other animals to feed one animal you live with.


What vegan books can you read on this subject?


If you are looking for vegan books to read then you should check out the books written by Wild Pure Heart.

They have written Secret Animal business which happens to be an important book for all animal guardians. This book is written to change the lives of the readers and as well as the animals they live with. The book highlights the secret of ultimate animal care. From diet to communication, it covers every important topic, as well as many other heart-touching things you’ll enjoy reading.

In a nutshell, feeding your companion animals with vegan food is completely fine. If you have decided to turn vegan to save animals, you can make the companion animal aspect of your life a part of that as well. But you need to make sure that you are feeding them all their required nutrients. This way you can keep them healthy and happy.

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